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Email Notification Service


The library sends out email notifications seven days, three days, and one day prior to an item’s due date. If an item is overdue, you will receive notifications one day, three days, and seven days after the due date. You will also receive an email notification upon the arrival of a requested item.


You can update your email address under the “My Account/Renew” tab after logging onto WebPAC(the “login” button can be found at the top-right corner of the library website).


To ensure that you receive email notifications, please check your inbox regularly and confirm that the emails are not categorized as spam. Regardless of the reason, failure to receive email notifications may not be used as an excuse for waiving overdue fines or obtaining a loan period extension.




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Return Box



The NCHU library has a book return box, allowing readers to return borrowed books during library off-hours. If a book is returned to the return box, its date of return is the day on which it is dropped off.

IMAG1216 IMAG1214


If you use the return box, please check your library usage history on the next day to make sure that your books are marked / recorded as returned.


web e-mail2 tel


Please do not put the following materials into the return box (you will be responsible for any damage incurred):

  1. Books with CDs, floppy disks, etc.
  2. Large books that do not fit the opening of the return box
  3. Books that are dirty, damaged, or damp
  4. Items from the Multimedia Center (e.g., CDs, DVDs)
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If an item is checked out, you can request it through WebPAC or the DDS. You will receive an email notification once the item is returned to the library.

You will need to pick up the requested item within five days after it is available (excluding days on which the library is closed). After six days, your request will expire, and the item will either go to the next person who has requested the item or will become available in the library.

If there are three expired requests within 120 days, you will be unable to place other requests for 30 days.

dds1 eng


You will see something similar to this screenshot if you click on an item on the DDS search results page and then select the "Locations" tab.

A: There is only one copy of this item (there will be multiple rows if there are multiple copies), and it is usually located in the 4th-floor Chinese book stacks.

B: This item is currently checked out, and it is due on September 17th, 2015

C: You can click on this link to sign in and place a request.


If you are already signed in, then you can place a request directly by clicking on the "Hold" button (circled and labelled "C").


This is a sample of WebPAC search results page. To view the requesting status, click on the "Holdings: all items" button.


Column B shows that the book is checked out while the accompanying material is available. 

You can place a request on the book by clicking on the "Request" button (boxed and labelled as "A"). 


After you click on the "Request" button, you will be asked to sign in if you have not already done so.

Note: If an item has requests from other library patrons at the time of checkout, the loan period will be shortened from 30 days to 14 days. If a request is placed on the item after you have checked out the item, the loan period will be unaffected.

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You can renew items prior to their due dates. Renewed items are due 30 days after the date of renewal.

You can renew items online, by phone, or by visiting the check in/out counter. To renew items online, log onto WebPAC (the “login” button can be found at the top-right corner of the library website) and click on the “My Account/Renew” tab.


  1. You cannot renew items from the Multimedia Center. 
  2. You cannot renew overdue items.
  3. You cannot renew items that have been requested by other library patrons.
  4. You cannot renew items if you have any overdue items or unpaid fines.
  5. You can only renew items within one year after the original checkout date.  After you have borrowed an item for one year, you must return it to the library; you will be able to borrow the item again if it has not been reserved by other library patrons. 
  6. You cannot renew items classified as teaching materials.


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The NCHU library is organized as follows:

【1F】Reference materials

【2、3F】Magazines, periodicals


【4、5F】Chinese books


【6F】Western language books

【2F】Eurozone information area

【3F】Multimedia center

【5F】Resources for Taiwan Studies


【B1】NCHU learning commons, new books, magazines, mangas, etc.

【5F】Special collections room, Chien-Wu Chen collections; requires reservation

【2F】Compact stacks; requires reservation


Highlighted items are available for borrowing.

For details about the library's collections, please search our library catalog or visit the library front desk.




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Overdue items



1. For each overdue item, the fine is NT$5 per day for up to 30 days. After 30 days, the reader’s borrowing privileges will be suspended for one day for each day thereafter. Suspensions for multiple overdue items are cumulative.


2. You will not be able to borrow, renew or reserve library materials until all overdue items are returned and all fines are cleared.


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